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In July of 2003, my cousin Mary Bates told me an anecdote of the year 1956 when her family made a pilgrimage from Columbus to Snellville for a family reunion. While they were in town, my grandfather and future mayor of Snellville, T.W. Briscoe Sr., told her history2father, Dr. Joe Snell, that he needed to move back to Snellville and open a pharmacy because the town was growing and people needed a place where they could get their medical needs taken care of. He did just that. In 1956 Snell’s Pharmacy was opened in the center of town.

Looking back, it seems fateful if not a bit ironic that ownership of this Snellville landmark should befall me and that my dreams and aspirations should come to pass. I am proud to be the owner of an independent pharmacy, once a dying breed, but now making a strong comeback throughout America.

Claude Bates and I are the pharmacists who will watch over your medications and your health in general. We review for medication errors, interactions, and allergies. If you have a question about your health care, we will always do our best to provide you with the information you need. Just ask any of us if you need anything at all. We all invite you to stop in and see us.
- Michael Briscoe, Pharm.D

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