Compounding Options

Wound Care - General Wound Care

Snell's Pharmacy can customize preparations for wound care which may improve therapeutic outcomes and reduce side effects.

Compounding medications for such diseases allows for:

  • unique delivery vehicles to be used (i.e. topical cream, scalp lotion, nail lacquer); which makes administering the medication easier and more pleasant
  • medicines based on individual need as prescribed by a physician
  • multiple medications sometimes can be combined
Contact us. We will be happy to discuss treatment options with you or your doctor.
Wound Care - Ulcerated Skin
Skin ulcers occur from a variety of reasons, including abrasion and poor circulation. Some diabetic patients eventually develop foot ulcers. These wounds are a prime entryway for infection.

Pressure ulcers (decubitus ulcers or bedsores) develop on areas of the body where the blood supply has been reduced because of prolonged pressure. These may occur in people confined to bed or a chair, or in those who must wear a hard brace or plaster cast.
Snell's Pharmacy has the ability to compound several unique topical gels/creams that may be easy to use, painless, and custom made to meet your individual needs to alleviate pain, kill localized infection and encourage prompt healing. Medications may include Phenytoin, Misoprostol, Metronidazole, Lidocaine, Nystatin and Colchicine.
Talk to your medical provider to discuss compounding as a treatment option. Or contact us to inquire about potential treatments available.

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